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Children of Peace

Shining a light at the end of a long dark tunnel


Children of Peace is a UK based charity that works with both Israeli and Palestinian children to build positive relationships for a future generation, whose communities might live and work in peace, side-by-side.

Children are the forgotten victims of the Middle East conflict. Many live in a perpetual war zone, frightened and stressed by the uncertain outcome of arbitrary violence. Children from both communities have lost loved ones, experience extreme anxiety, suffer from mental and physical health problems and have worryingly high levels of childhood disease and illness.


Protecting the children is the real and best hope for the future. It’s the children who can make the first steps on any roadmap to peace. Caught up in the endless cycle of violence are the ordinary people from both communities who yearn for dignity, justice, prosperity and a peaceful existence. Children of Peace believe that change for the better will come and it will come from the grassroots – through shared experiences, projects and programmes which are designed to overcome suspicion, mistrust and fear.


Road to Peace is a member of the Coalition of Peace, a network of independent, like-minded groups in every continent who are intent on reaching across the divide.


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