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Fleeing From War
 Angela Edwards  


Artist’s Statement


I am delighted to donate this series to the charity Road to Peace in the hope that the images will help to highlight the apathy shown by us to the terrible news stories we are constantly bombarded with.As an artist I have always been interested in the transfer of images from photograph to paint and the combining of mediums.

In the past I have used painting, drawing, printing and model making to help this transfer process, producing work with multiple layers within the picture plane.The bombardment of 24hr News and the transitory nature of the stories of conflicts around the world has been an inspiration for my work.News stories can be played out in real time (live) but become less real to us.

Multi screening seems to be the new pastime of this generation and digital technology is leaking into every area of our lives.


By taking universal images from the screen and transferring them through a complex process, which involves multiple layers of photography, screen print, digital manipulation and paint, I then re-present them in a newly combined format. This forms a kind of hybrid mark, which references the historical context of paint on canvas and print and gives the images a new weight and permanence.


All profits from this series will be donated to Road to Peace.











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Road to Peace is completely reliant on donations. Please help us to save the lives of children in conflict.

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