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There are around 2400 women and girls who have been held captive by ISIS since August 2014. Lamya was 16 years old when she was captured. She was forced into sexual slavery and was bought and sold many times. Throughout her imprisonment she was subjected to extreme torture and sexual abuse. In March 2016, after 20 months in captivity, Lamya managed to escape. She was accompanied by two other girls, Kathrin Elias Murad, 20, and Allmas Khalif Hussein who was just 8 years old. They were picked up by the smuggler and by the time they reached no-man's land It was dark and difficult to see. The man warned them to be careful because the area was mined. The three girls were holding hands when there was suddenyl a flash of green light and a deafening explosion. Both Kathrin and Allmas were killed in the blast but Lamya who was severely wounded, managed to cross the front line to safety. 



Kathrin (20) and Allmas (8) died while trying to escape from ISIS

Lamya suffered severe burns in the explosion and has been left partially blind. She was taken to Germany where they are doing their best to help restore her sight but her parents, one of her sisters and two brothers are still prisoners of ISIS.  



Lamya before she was captured

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Germany has accepted 1100 former captives and is the only country to address this problem so far. Their Special Quota Project is a humanitarian assistance program based on a joint declaration of the State of Baden-Württemberg, Germany, and the Kurdistan Regional Government.

The project was set up to receive women and children in need of psychologcal support but there are over 1300 more in urgent need of help and most are under 18. 

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