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Founder and Chair

Sally's work as a humanitarian has been well-documented, especially during the war in Bosnia where she crossed the front lines in an ambulance to rescue injured children from besieged areas. Amidst the carnage and the chaos, she managed to negotiate ceasefires in areas where others had failed and her evacuation missions saved hundreds of children. 

In 2008 Sally became a Goodwill Ambassador for Children of Peace, a British based charity dedicated to building friendship trust and reconciliation between Israeli and Palestinian Children. In 2012 Sally carried the Olympic Flag for Peace and Justice alongside Mohammed Ali and Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon at the Opening Ceremony of the London Olympic Games. Sally is Patron of Faith Matters, an organisation working with faith communities to counter extremism, supporting integration & challenging hatred. In 2014 she founded Road to Peace and has spent the past four years helping sick and injured children fleeing from ISIS.



David has over 30 years of media experience, having been responsible for the commercial departments of several newspapers including all the Trinity Mirror titles, both regional and national and the Daily and Sunday Mirror. As well as working in regional television he has also been a regular columnist for Haymarket Publications.

David is currently one of the managing partners of  BE&R, a creative and strategic advertising agency and also a partner in Fat Rhino, a social media and marketing agency.

David has been recently joined our Board of Trustees and has previously been a trustee of the Childs I charity as well as working with both Childline and NABS. 


Angela is a registered pediatric nurse currently working for the National Health Service in England. She has a wealth of nursing experience, dedicating her life to the provision of care and medical treatment of children and young adults.

Her career has taken her to Africa where she spent time working with children in an orphanage in Kampala. Angela also helped to establish a hospital in Mbale in Uganda where she ran outreach clinics providing treatment for the children living in surrounding villages and led an education program for nurses in the region. 



From very early on in her career, Hilary Jackson took on various management responsibilities including event management.  She became Assistant County Secretary to the Staffordshire Agricultural Society, one of the oldest in the United Kingdom.


She was also secretary of the local Point-to-Point for many years and managed and operated a successful social catering business. For over four years Hilary worked for a senior member of the British House of Lords before becoming a partner in her husband’s successful press and public relations company.  


Press and PR

Sandra worked for seven years at Viacom International (VIMN), where she led strategic corporate and crisis communications, press, PR, publicity, events and publications for the media network’s portfolio of platforms in the UK and Europe. 

Sandra is an experienced Media Relations and Corporate Communications specialist with a national and international client portfolio, spanning media, entertainment, advertising, fashion, fitness and start-up/SME sectors. 

In addition, Sandra has provided pro-bono advice and support to charitable organisations, including the British Heart Foundation, Women and Children First and Common Purpose.



Marino is a Pediatrician specialising in immunology.

He was the first Italian Doctor to perform a bone marrow transplant and the first to use the parents as donors for his patients.

Marino spent many years working in paediatrics at the Mothers' and Childrens' Hospital in Trieste and spent his vacations working as a volunteer in areas of conflict or disaster.  He helped victims of earthquakes in Italy and Armenia and travelled to Tamilnadu following the Tsunami where a kindergarten was named after him. He worked as a volunteer during the war in the former Yugoslavia, Lebanon, Iraq (2003), Afghanistan, Somalia, and Darfur and in March 2017, he became a volunteer for Road to Peace, helping to treat thousands of sick and injured children fleeing from ISIS in Northern Iraq and Syria.

Medical Officer



Christopher A. Shaw is a professor in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of British Columbia. He holds appointments to the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences as is an associate member of the Department of Pathology and the programs in Experimental Medicine and Neuroscience. His laboratory focuses on studies of the origins and potential treatments of neurological diseases across the life span. Chris has served as an infantry combat medic and with this training helped man a trauma stabilization point with the Iraqi army on the outskirts of West Mosul in February-March, 2017. In 2018, Chris traveled to the Kurdish region of northern Syria to advise on combat medicine, the manufacture of combat medical supplies and the development of a medical school for the region. Chris is currently a member of the Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue Squadron where his medic skills are employed and he is a medical consultant to Road to Peace.



Heather has a successful background working with national and international companies, public institutions, voluntary and community groups.  She has extensive experience of initiating and developing projects and has been recognised for her ability to build community cohesion and secure benefits at both a local and national level. As the former chair of Sussex Police Strategic Independent Advisory Group (IAG), Heather worked closely with the Chief Constable to ensure equality of policing through policy development as well as at an operational level.   Heather is a former member of the Disabled Person’s Transport Advisory Committee, which offers independent advice to the government on transport and accessibility policy. Heather currently Chair’s the Board of Trustees and Directors of Brighton Fringe, England’s largest arts festival. She has been at the forefront of establishing Road to Peace as a registered charity and continues to support the charity as an advisor and consultant. 



Ruth Purim is CEO and Founder of a successful staffing agency she set up in her mid twenties after leaving school at just 15. One of Ruth’s superpowers in her business is being “Hunter-in-Chief” opening up opportunities, new clients and markets while being ahead of the curve in flipping the whole recruitment model on its head. Ruth also pro-bono uses her skills in precision hunting and lobbying to help people and causes she believes in. On August 3rd 2014, along with the rest of the world, Ruth watched the siege of Mount Sinjar unfold. She remembered the vow she had taken whilst visiting the gas chambers on a visit to Auschwitz in 2006, to never ever turn a blind eye to Genocide and to activate and breathe life into the slogan “never again” lest it remain flat and meaningless.

Through zooming into an article published in The Huffington Post, Ruth tracked down a Yazidi community in the UK and worked behind the scenes to highlight their plight  throughout the world. 



Jem McCluskey was formerly a consultant, most recently working with investment banks, and had technical directorships and associateships at various engineering and technology consultancies in the UK and internationally.

Jem has left his career behind to pursue a life in photography, film-making and blogging, in the hope of raising awareness and provoking discussion about some of the great issues of the day, sometimes adding satirical colours to the social, political, economic and environmental landscapes.

Jem has a range of skills in information and communications technology and media, which he uses to support individuals and organizations in the pursuit of positive outcomes whenever he can. He is currently using his skills as a Super Recogniser to help Road to Peace in the search for for missing Yazidi children. 

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