This initiative is named after Rozana Sawalhi who arrived at Hadassah in May 2012 in a life threatening condition after falling nine floors from her apartment in a village near Ramallah. Rozana’s survival and her treatment at Hadassah prompted her mother, Maysa Abu Ghannam, a Palestinian journalist, to commit herself to the promotion of health and medicine as a bridge to better understanding between Israelis and Palestinians


Over the past year the Rozana Project have raised funds to treat critically ill Palestinian children in the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit at Hadassah and to treat children injured in the 2014 Gaza conflict.


The Rozana Project believes in the power of medicine and health to build the bridges to better understanding;  essential to underpinning the hope we all have for a future built on mutual respect and recognition of the rights of both Jews and Palestinians to their own national expression, living side by side in peace.


Project Rozana is committed to doing what it can to assist in Palestinian state building; to give Palestinian children a good start in life based on good health and education infrastructure.

For further information or to make a donation please follow this link:


Road to Peace is part of the Save A Child-Global Paediatric Network (registered charity number 1165299)

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