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A Global Yazidi Organisation

Yazda is a non-profit humanitarian and advocacy organization supporting the Yazidi ethno-religious minority group in the United States and in the Yazidi homeland of northern Iraq and north-eastern Syria.
















Yazda was established by Yazidi Americans following a campaign of genocide by the self-declared “Islamic State” (IS) militants in 2014. Yazda was formed to respond to the various needs of the 400,000 displaced and traumatized Yazidi community and to help those who were captured and enslaved.


Yazda's mission is to support the survivors and to find a safe host country for the Yazidi ethnic group where the law will protect them and ensure that no future genocide or violence is carried out against the Yazidi people. Yazda organizes treatment and therapy for Yazidi survivors, especially for the victims of sexual slavery and children suffering from trauma.


Yazda also helps to locate missing people and to conduct investigations on behalf of the victims of the genocide, documenting the personal stories of survivors and collecting evidence on the extent of human and material loss.


Yazda provides support for survivor Nadia Murad's global peace mission and other projects that focus on Yazidi culture and heritage. Apart from their ongoing advocacy work, Yazda is working with countries and institutions to protect other ethnic groups around the world and help to prevent future genocides.


Phone numbers: 832-298-9584

P.O.Box. 771448 Houston,

TX 77215 




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